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It takes 30 days to form an addiction. Believe it or not but it’s possible to become addicted to pretty much anything. Addictions form when the mind feels the need for compulsive engagement. The compulsive engagement is fuelled from the positive feeling that the addiction fix delivers. Eventually the mind will begin struggling without a frequent fix. The average addiction would not strike you as unusual e.g. alcohol, comfort food, drugs, exercise etc. We crop up against people with these sorts of addictions quite often, however there are some pretty odd addictions some people have wound up with. How they managed to form these addictions is another question, but it’s always nice to know what you’re sharing a planet with …. right? There are also those addictions that aren’t too odd, but could quite easily make a person look a little unstable or insecure. The following are 5 of the strangest addictions in the world.

  1. Drinking Blood

Could you imagine drinking two litres of human blood every month? This isn’t really something you would boast about, but funnily enough we know of 2 people who have made blood drinking confessions. Would you donate your blood, for a middle aged mother to slurp it up? Julia Caples has been drinking blood from people happy enough to donate for the last 30 years.

Surprise! Surprise! If you’ve just had a tattoo done by a Californian tattoo artist, there is a microscopic chance that your tattoo was just conducted by a vampire wannabe. Known as Michelle, she doesn’t mess about when she makes a Bloody Mary. Yes you’ve guessed correctly! She mixes them with real blood. She downs a litre of blood each and every day, taking it directly from her generous friend’s arm. If she wants to make it really special, she’ll top up with pig plasma. She claims that she can often feel herself yearning for blood, equivalent to how a smoker may desire a cigarette. For Michelle it is the perfect finishing touch, before bed while she reads, relaxes or paints.


  1. Sleeping with a Hair Dryer

Some people need a cup of tea before bed. Others like to sleep with a hot water bottle, but this lady, who goes by the name of Lori, can’t sleep unless her hair dryer is at her bedside …. plugged in and running! This strange addiction routes back to Lori’s childhood. She first slept with the hairdryer at the age of 8 and ever since has adored the comfort that the running hairdryer provides. She claims that it makes her feel safe and secure.

Though there are always negatives to positives; her darling hairdryer has caused the loss of romantic relationships and given her many burns over the years. There are many adults out there who still sleep with a teddy bear, but a hairdryer is certainly something very unique.

  1. Eating Sausages

“Hold on a moment; I need just a couple more sausages before I head off to work”. Funnily enough these could be the words you might hear from David the accountant. In total he has spent a whacking £2,000 through unsuccessful attempts to beat his sausage eating addiction. How many sausages could you devour in 1 day? I bet it’s nothing compared to what David, the father of 3 from Greenwich, South East London can consume. He effortlessly gulps down 13 sausages a day. When asked he claimed that he could not bear the thought of life without sausages – he craves them and fully accepts that he is addicted. That’s all very well, but think how high his fat intake levels must be! This out of the ordinary addiction resulted in £700 of expenditure per year. Ultimately the outcome David found was to seek therapy.

  1. Attending Funerals

Now it’s perfectly fine to take a day or two off to attend a funeral. However people may question your decision, if you were to quit your job in order to attend every funeral in town. 42 year old, Luis Squarisi from Brazil has quite a dark taste in entertainment. He has been attending every funeral in the town of Batatais, for the very last 20 years. Each and every morning Luis will switch on the radio, to listen for announcements with regards to if anybody had died. If that fails the next step is to call the hospitals to ask who has died. As soon as he has found news of a death, he suits himself up for a funeral. Strangely the locals don’t seem too bothered about Luis’ addiction. To quote one of the towns funeral directors “We don’t want him to go to therapy, everyone expects to see him.”

Strangest Addictions - Funerals

  1. The Need for the Perfect Selfie

How many selfies could you take a day? How upset would you become, if you were unsuccessful in taking the greatest picture? Danny Bowman, aged 19 was driven to attempted suicide when he hit rock bottom. Social media obsession is growing within the modern world. Lots and lots of other people are finding themselves in the same situation as Danny. It’s a mental health issue that has a sky-scraping suicide rate. People like Danny see the celebrities on T.V and in magazines. A lot of the time they hope to take a photo that they can post online with just as much glamour. If they fail to take the perfect selfie, this is where the upset and torment begins. Danny found himself taking two hundred photos a day, over a 10 hour period with his iPhone. Eventually this resulted in Danny quitting school, which ruined his education. He didn’t leave his home for 6 long months and lost a lot of weight in attempt to look his best for the camera. His parents tried to help him but Danny just became aggressive with their helpful attempts. Danny found himself at the very at the end of his tether. He attempted suicide, by overdosing, however he was saved by his mum Penny.

At present the young man is thought to be the United Kingdom’s initial selfie addict. He is making progress slowly but surely back towards an ordinary life. His progress is with thanks to intensive hospital therapy to fix his technology addiction, OCD and Body Dysmorphic Disorder – an extreme anxiety with regards to a person’s overall look from skin colour to having your hair do looking just right.

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